Tea Maker's Dinner

Tea Makers Dinner

On Wednesday, 5 October there are two sittings of the Tea Maker’s Dinner at Strandvägen 5 available for reservation. Svenskt Tenn, together with the supplier the Tea Centre of Stockholm, has invited the multiple award-winning tea makers Hiroko and Hiroaki Otsuka from Japan.

The Otsuka couple live and work in Shizuoka, one of the leading provinces for green tea cultivation in the country. Here, they run their farm, a cooperative with several tea plantations. Each morning during the harvest period, before the sun comes up and the theanine in the plants is converted into bitter tannins, the farmers harvest a small part of their crop and present it to Hiroko and Hiroaki. The teas are refined until they are the perfect flavour. They are harvested by hand and then packed in sacks, with each sack being marked with the name of the farmer.

This process can be likened to the way in which the major wine houses in France work with their vineyards. The couple’s business has been going for several generations and they are continuing to pass on the long tradition and craftsmanship associated with the tea. During the evening, they will present three selected teas from their farm and will be happy to talk and answer questions during dinner. The kitchen has composed a perfect three course menu in harmony with the teas, and each course can also be complemented with Japanese inspired drinks such as beer, sake and wine.

Price from 580 SEK