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Floor lamps

A floor lamp can be placed anywhere in a room where light is needed.

A floor lamp can be placed anywhere in a room where light is needed.

A floor lamp can be placed anywhere in a room where light is needed. Floor lamps are flexible and portable and therefore also extra important points of light in an interior. In the 1939 “Interior Design Catechism” publication, Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson wrote: “The lamp of our time – our electrical time – is called the floor lamp; a portable, adjustable floor lamp.” In a comparison between the floor lamp and other types of lighting, she celebrated the floor lamp’s versatility and portability.

Svenskt Tenn's floor lamps

Svenskt Tenn’s floor lamps come in materials such as wood and brass, as well as with touches of stylish leather. In addition to the broad selection of classic floor lamps designed by Josef Frank, Svenskt Tenn also sells products from contemporary designers. In 2018, the Shadow floor lamp, designed exclusively for Svenskt Tenn by Harri Koskinen, was named Lamp of the Year by ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards. The floor lamp is made of brass and comes in two different heights, with the smaller version as a table lamp. Harri Koskinen was inspired by Estrid Ericson’s various settings and by Josef Frank’s versatility when he created a floor lamp. He visited Svenskt Tenn’s store on Strandvägen 5 where the homey settings and greenery gave him the idea to transform a Monstera plant into beautiful lighting.

Manufacturing floor lamps

Svenskt Tenn’s own floor lamps are produced in Sweden with traditional craft techniques whereby many of the production steps are conducted manually. Turning is used for, among other things, to shape the metal in the floor lamps by removing material from a massive piece of rotating metal. Bending is another method, which in most cases means that a pole or pipe is bent in a so-called pipe bender. Special tools are required for bending poles used in floor lamps as well as in other fixtures so they don’t get pinched and lose their shape. Many of Svenskt Tenn’s floor lamps and fixtures have been finished. The technique is time-consuming and involves reducing any scratches in the metal step by step until the metal has been finished so fine that the scratches become invisible and a shiny surface appears. This is particularly noticeable on our floor lamps that have brass bases and arms.

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