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Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson cared for fashion and accessories, both for people and the home.

Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson cared for fashion and accessories, both for people and the home.

You can find a varied selection among Svenskt Tenn’s accessories online. Svenskt Tenn’s accessories include beautiful jewellery, leather bags, cloth bags, wallets, toiletry bags, makeup bags, key chains and jewellery holders and cases.

All of the accessories are made from quality materials: jewellery in pewter and brass, bags in soft and embossed leather, and bags in Svenskt Tenn’s exclusive linen, with decorative prints designed by Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson.

Svenskt Tenn has been offering a well-selected range of accessories for a long time. Founder Estrid Ericson began to design and sell jewellery and accessories in pewter early on and the selection has grown ever since. Today the accessory range includes a selection of both historic and contemporary designs. Fashion designer Lars Nilsson has, among other things, designed a bag for Svenskt Tenn. A number of jewellery items have been created by jewellery designer Märta Mattsson, and a pewter and brass bird, made to hold jewellery, has been designed by Monica Förster.

Svenskt Tenn’s accessories are beautiful and highly appreciated as gifts. A bag, a scarf or pewter jewellery, are all timeless accessories suitable for all occasions, including birthdays, or as a gift at christenings and weddings. Accessories from Svenskt Tenn can be used to change and vary your own personal style. Accessories such as jewellery and bags, in different sizes and materials, can be combined to create a style suitable for both festive occasions and everyday.

In men’s accessories there is, among other things, a small selection of exclusive cufflinks in silver in both round and rectangular designs. Cufflinks also come as elegant silver knots, originally intended as hatpins and made based on the original in Svenskt Tenn’s archive. There’s even an elegant briefcase made of soft leather. The briefcase has plenty of spacious compartments for a computer, documents and notepads.

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