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Small vases for spring’s first flowers or large vases for the fullest of bouquets.

Small vases for spring’s first flowers or large vases for the fullest of bouquets.

At Svenskt Tenn, you’ll be able to find the right vase for the right flower arrangement. The large, round glass Dagg (Dew) vase, designed by Carina Seth Andersson, has become a classic in our vase range, along with Estrid Ericson’s Ekollon (Acorn) vase and Nils Fougstedt’s Pip vase in pewter. They make the perfect going-away gift, birthday tribute or wedding gift.

Choose the right vase

Having a variety of vases in different shapes and sizes at home means that it’s always possible to select the right vase for the right occasion, with a vase of flowers making a big difference to an interior. The flowers can be varied according to the season, and changed as required to create a beautiful bunch. They go well with Svenskt Tenn’s printed fabrics and are an easy way to bring nature into a room.

Svenkt Tenn’s vases are, among other things, inspired by founder Estrid Ericson, who had a unique ability to put the right kinds of flowers into the right kinds of vases. She advocated an alignment with the colour and shape of the flowers saying: “We should have as many vases as there are species of flowers.” This is of course impossible but Svenskt Tenn strives nevertheless to have a collection of vases that comes as close to Estrid Ericson’s vision as possible.

Vases from Skruf Glassworks

The popular Dagg vase, designed by Carina Seth Andersson, has meant a great deal to the Swedish craft industry. In addition to the round vase being seen in many homes and in interior design reporting, it has also made a crucial difference to the glassworks where it is produced. Skruf Glassworks in Småland has been able to both employ more people and open a new kiln since the iconic glass vase first when into production. The glassworks is owned and operated by the Elm family from Skruv. Other vases produced here are Carina Seth Andersson’s Stubbe (Stub) and Kotte (Cone) vases, Michael Anastassiades’ vase Flask (Bottle), and Estrid Ericson’s Ekollon vase, among others.

Estrid Ericson, vases and flowers

Estrid Ericson had a special relationship to vases and flower arrangements. When Svenskt Tenn celebrated its fifth anniversary she presented the acclaimed exhibition “Flower arrangements & table decorations” and, in the 1940s, she showed countless simple and refined flower arrangements in different exhibitions at the store on Strandvägen 5. She often picked fresh flowers from her summerhouse in Tolvekarna – beautiful flowers that she arranged in different vases in the store.

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