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  • Product information
    Erika Pekkari
    Plant Pot Svenskt Tenn:
    12 cm
    9,5 cm
    10 cm

    The plant pots are available in several different sizes and a variation of beautiful colours. The bottoms of the pots are unglazed and have a drainage hole, and are thus eminently suitable for planting. The pots are made of stoneware at the Porcelain Factory in Lidköping, Sweden. The factory was founded in 2007, resurrecting the historic factory that was closed by Rörstrand in 2005/2006.

    This pot is best paired with the saucer which is 10 cm in diameter.

    The saucer is sold separately.

  • Design

    Svenskt Tenn’s plant pots with saucers were designed by Erika Pekkari for Svenskt Tenn in 2011. This elegant set includes a plant pot in the colour “midnight blue”, a brass saucer and a decorative reflector. The pot is unglazed at the bottom and has a drainage hole which make it suitable for planting.


    Erika Pekkari

    Designer Erika Pekkari studied at Beckmans College of Design from 1984-1987 and has worked with everything from textiles and glass to metal and wood for a host of different clients.

  • Care instructions

    Keep in mind that humidity can damage table tops and other surfaces. Wipe the pot dry immediately after filling it with water, and always keep it dry to reduce the need for polishing.

    Unpolished brass will become darker over time from exposure to air. This change can be beautiful. If the surface is affected by water, grease such as fingerprints or by other corroding substances, it can eventually be damaged and more difficult to polish away. This can happen especially in a humid environment.

    Clean the surface with a soft cloth. For a deeper cleaning we recommend a gentle, non-abrasive brass polish. Avoid using brushes, steel wool, polishing cloths, sponges and the like since the surface of brass is sensitive to objects that can scratch. Also avoid lengthy contact with oxides that can cause permanent damage. To avoid water damage, keep surfaces dry with a soft cloth.

  • Sustainability and manufacturing



    Svenskt Tenn’s plant pots are produced in Sweden, and the stoneware comes from Germany. Stoneware clay has a higher percentage of quartz than earthenware clay. Stoneware can therefore be fired at higher temperatures, so it sinters, and the fired clay becomes extra durable and waterproof. The stoneware for Svenskt Tenn’s pots comes from Germany, but the pots are manufactured in Sweden.

    At the Porcelain Factory in Lidköping, only water-based solutions are used in the production of Svensk Tenn’s pots. All products that are broken or have some defect are reused in the process if it has not been possible to burn them. Burned products which are discarded are sorted and used as filling material at Lidköping’s recycling centre.

    How the pots are made

    Erika Pekkari’s pots are produced at the Porcelain Factory in Lidköping. It takes approximately two weeks to produce a pot, and all eight employees at the factory take part in different steps in the process.

    The two smallest pots in the collection are formed using a solid stoneware clay in a roller machine, while the two larger ones are cast using corresponding stoneware clay in liquid form. When these elements are completed, the pots are dried for two days before being polished manually with a sponge and water. After that, they are placed on a fire truck and subsequently burnt at 960°C. This process takes approximately 32 hours and has the consequence that the pots are no longer water-soluble. After the first burning, the pots are sprayed with a glaze, before once again being placed on fire trucks for what is referred to as smooth burning, and which takes approximately 40 hours at 1280°C. Finally, they are sorted, and the bottom of the pots is polished, after which they are packaged to be sent to Svenskt Tenn.

    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Plant Pot Svenskt Tenn with Saucer and Reflector 9,5 cm, Stoneware, Midnight Blue, 10 cm, Brass

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