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    Marianne Andersen
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    Pewter is a silvery-white metallic element that is extracted primarily from the mineral tinstone or cassiterite. It is one of the few metals that have been in use since prehistoric times.

  • Design

    When the Norwegian designer Marianne Andersen created the small Gömma box for Svenskt Tenn, she was inspired by the personal ritual at home; getting up in the morning and getting ready for the day, or dressing up for an impending party. It is a small box comprising two parts, with a dish in the lock for things that can be kept visible, and an inner hidden compartment for personal artefacts.



    Marianne Andersen

    Marianne Andersen

    Marianne Andersen graduated with a MA in Industrial design from Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2013. Since then, she has exhibited at different trade fairs around the world, including New York, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, and Stockholm. She is currently employed as an Industrial designer at the design studio Anderssen & Voll.

  • Care instructions

    Pewter is a soft material that requires careful treatment. We recommend using cotton gloves when handling pewter. Objects that are not being used can be stored in a plastic or felt bag to avoid scratching.

    It is generally recommended to avoid using polish on pewter, since it can cause scratches. To remove fingerprints and other stains, rinse the pewter in warm water with a small amount of dish detergent. Dry with a soft cloth. For more advanced cleaning of pewter objects we recommend a professional restorer, for example, KA Johnsson in Stockholm.

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    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Box Gömma Small, Pewter

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