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  • Product information
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    Lehna Edwall
    9,5x3,8 cm
  • Design

    The Unite Hope angel was created by artist and designer Lehna Edwall in 2004. One year later the sculpture began to be used in connection with the global art project “Unitehopeproject,” initiated by Lehna. The angel became a symbol of hope, peace and compassion. By travelling with the angel and giving it away as a gift to a person, a place and its people, its message is spread, uniting people all over the world. The original sculpture is 70 centimetres high, weighs 40 kilogrammes and is cast in concrete. Svenskt Tenn’s smaller version fits on a table or in a glass cabinet and is made of timeless pewter or brass. Find out more about Lehna’s art project:


    Lehna Edwall

    Lehna is an artist, designer, set designer and costumer designer in Stockholm. She was educated as a fashion designer in London and has a degree in scenography from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art. Lehna has worked with everything from fashion and product design in retail to costume and production design in film, theatre, TV and advertising. Several well-known Swedish artists have worn her clothing.

    Today Lehna works mainly as an artist, set designer and costume designer for the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm City Theatre, Dansens Hus and Swedish television, among others. Her own art is represented at Levi’s Museum in San Francisco and she has had exhibitions at art galleries such as Liljevalchs spring salon, Waldermarsudde, Göteborgs Konsthall and Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna. In 2005 Lehna started the global peace and art project Unite Hope.

  • Care instructions

    Unpolished brass will become darker over time from exposure to air. This change can be beautiful. If the surface is affected by water, grease such as fingerprints or by other corroding substances, it can eventually be damaged and more difficult to polish away. This can happen especially in a humid environment.

    Clean the surface with a soft cloth. For a deeper cleaning we recommend a gentle, non-abrasive brass polish. Avoid using brushes, steel wool, polishing cloths, sponges and the like since the surface of brass is sensitive to objects that can scratch. Also avoid lengthy contact with oxides that can cause permanent damage. To avoid water damage, keep surfaces dry with a soft cloth.

  • Sustainability and manufacturing



    We have always and will always strive to protect Swedish craftsmanship when we manufacture our products, but when there are no skilled craftspeople in Sweden, our production goes where craftsmanship is available. Therefore, some of our brass products are manufactured in India. Both of our Indian suppliers are subject to Svenskt Tenn’s code of conduct, which covers social issues such as safety and the environment. Svenskt Tenn staff visits regularly to ensure that the code of conduct is adhered to. The bulk of the copper used in our Indian suppliers’ brass is recycled.

    Sustainability in focus

    Read more about Svenskt Tenn's Sustainability Philosophy below.

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Angel Hope 9,5x3,8 cm, Brass

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