Svenskt Tenn table setting


Once the Easter decorations have been put away, the lovely branches can remain. Combine them with French tulips in a beautiful vase, and let the arrangement take centre stage in the elegant table setting, surrounded by light textiles, clear glass and subdued touches of pewter. Svenskt Tenn’s glass side plate is a versatile table setting classic, equally at home when used for the first course as for the salad.

Side Plate glass

Pewter features

When Estrid Ericson founded Svenskt Tenn in 1924, pewter had established itself as one of the most exciting materials of the era. In contrast to silverplate, it was regarded as an honest material, competing more with the new glass and porcelain than with other metals.

Estrid Ericson commissioned Svenskt Tenn’s trademark from the most eminent graphic artist of the period, Akke Kumlin, who, for the opening in 1924, designed the emblem which is nowadays referred to as the “Angel mark”. The two angels were drawn by Bertil Lybeck. Historically, stamps have often depicted winged angels, serving as a guarantee of pewter of the highest quality. Svenskt Tenn’s own pewter goods are, and always have been, stamped with the angel mark.

Vase Syltkruka
Detail from Svenskt Tenn's table setting