Easter table setting


Easter is approaching – a festive time that brings with it thoughts of bright days and colourful interiors. Svenskt Tenn turns the traditional table into a festive gathering with classic textile patterns, mouth-blown glass and delicate glass decorations.

Svenskt Tenn’s own, exclusive linen placemats in yellow go beautifully with the deep amber tones and classic patterns of the napkins. The French-made Bamboo cutlery series and candle holders, with a combination of exotic bamboo and traditional pewter, frame the woven rattan service plate.

Decoration Egg
Easter table setting

Clear glass is the focus in Svenskt Tenn’s Easter setting when it comes to vases and wineglasses as well as bowls and plates. In 2016, the designer Benjamin Curtis made a glass reinterpretation of the classic cake stand. With the point of departure in the concept of “exotic” and with Estrid Ericson’s many journeys in mind, he set out from a chanterelle and chose to see it as a foreign object rather than a mushroom.

The cake stand “Tratt” is hand-cast in a graphite mould at Reijmyre Glasbruk, while the vases are blown in wooden moulds at Skrufs Glassworks in Småland, Sweden. Due to this production method, the shape of the vases can vary.

Cake stand Tratt