Festive table in pale colours

Festive table in pale colours

Svenskt Tenn's own linen fabric is the basis for this decorative and festive table setting, with a colour palette in light aqua and sober pink. Materials such as linen, pewter, glass, porcelain and brass have been combined to create a vibrant and inviting expression. The delicate porcelain plate in the form of a shell can be used both to accompany the salad and the appetizer.

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Dinner is served on Svenskt Tenn’s plates by French designer Marie Daage, with hand-painted flowering patterns. The motif in the blue plate shows a bamboo tree; a material that is also reflected in the adjacent cutlery. This table setting fits anyone who wants to minimize patterns but still create a colorful dinner table. Textiles, plates and coasters are all tied together by vibrant white bouquets and decorations in timeless pewter.

When Nina Jobs and Stina Sandwall designed the “Silhuett” (Silhouette) series for Svenskt Tenn, they were inspired by the classic oakleaf, a recurring feature in Estrid Ericson’s designs. The “Silhuett” range consists of a jug, candle holder and an orb-shaped jar in pewter and brass. The material is timeless and the form poetic, with unique handcrafted details.

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Detail from the table setting