Svenskt Tenn's Living Room

Atmospheric Living Room

Christmas at Svenskt Tenn is classical, warm and inviting. Floral designs create atmosphere in the living room where patterned textile elements are combined with romantic details and enchanting decorations.

In Josef Frank’s deep red Baranquilla textile, four lovingly designed liana vines create a beautiful whole filled with dazzling fruits, flowers and leaves. The pattern was designed in 1943-45, during Josef Frank’s time in New York – where many of his fantasy-full patterns with freely growing trees of life, flowers and fruits took form. The pattern was named after the Colombian port city by the Caribbean, which Josef Frank and his wife Anna passed through during exile from Sweden to America in 1941.

In the spring of 2017, Baranquilla was brought back into production by Svenskt Tenn, and at Christmas it dresses Josef Frank’s stool 530, which is also back in the range. The lovely stool, with its soft rounded forms, was designed by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn around 1935, as a reworked variation on a piece of furniture he created for his company Haus und Garten in Vienna, as early as around 1929. As a lovely Christmas gift, the stool embellishes the furnishings of Svenskt Tenn’s Christmas living room.

Fabric Stool 530
Svenskt Tenn's Christmas decorations