Svenskt Tenn's Living Room

Living Room in autumn colours

There are few things that create such a cosy feeling as textiles in different colours, shapes and prints. By combining solid upholstery fabric with pillows, rugs and curtains in striking print combinations, it is easy to create a beautiful interior in the warm colour scale of the season.

Josef Frank’s inspiration for the Hawai print, which he created sometime during 1943-1945, came from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The museum had a considerable collection of palampore panels from the Indian peninsula, depicting the tree of life.

The Hawai print, with its many intertwined stems, has many similarities with these trees of life. A number of Josef Frank’s fabrics bear the 450 Linen designation, which means that they are extremely durable as upholstery fabrics. Such a fabric has been developed as a sturdier complement to the thinner 315 Linen textiles, which are mainly suitable for curtains, pillows and other textile products.

Textile Hawai
Svenskt Tenn Living Room

Twist is an upholstery fabric in wool and linen, which Svenskt Tenn developed in close collaboration with textile manufacturer Ludvig Svensson. The name “Twist” is a reference to the fabric’s melange effect that was created by mixing two colour tones of yarn in the weave.

Here the fabric covers Josef Frank’s classic Liljevalch sofa from 1934, which was among the first pieces of furniture that the Austrian architect and designer created for Svenskt Tenn. The sofa was displayed for the first time at an exhibition of contemporary interior design at Liljevalch’s Art Gallery the same year. In a letter to Estrid Ericson, Josef Frank wrote that he had designed the generous proportions of the sofa in protest against the prevailing functionalism and the Swedish Handicraft Society’s monotony and boredom.

The Liljevalch sofa is a timeless and versatile piece of furniture that is every bit as beautiful today as when it was designed more than 80 years ago. The look and expression varies depending on the upholstery fabric’s colour and print. It can be perceived as contemporary, classic, Scandinavian or international – all depending on the choice of fabric.

Sofa Liljevalch