Svenskt Tenn's Living Room

Let there be light

Dark, muted tones are now being replaced with bright and colourful interiors that make us long for spring. Furniture that combines warm natural materials and a richness of colour gives each room a personal character. Josef Frank addressed the contrasts between the hardness of wood and the softness of fabric when he designed Cabinet 522 during 1934-35.

Cabinet 522 Brazil

Bringing nature’s colours and shapes into interiors was Josef Frank’s way to breathe and feel free even in enclosed rooms. His cabinets and dressers often had high legs so the border between the wall and floor was distinguishable, and the baseboards made visible. In this way they became beautiful, light, and easy to move.

Cabinet 522 is available in the Mirakel (Miracle) fabric, among others, which is one of Josef Frank’s earliest designs, created in the late 1920s. The yellow, red, blue and green tones are also reflected in the Vegetable Tree fabric, that covers Sofa 968 for the spring. In this print, Josef Frank stylises the forms, raising the colour intensity and mixing nature faithfully with imagination, for a feeling of wonderment.

Break up the consistently colourful interior with soft, clean shapes. Josef Frank’s Armchair 966 was shown in connection with the 1939 New York World’s Fair, where this innovative design was a big success. The horseshoe-shaped back and flared legs appear to be inspired by the ancient Klismos and Sulla chairs. This piece of furniture is as beautiful as it is comfortable, and it works equally well as an armchair or a solid desk chair.

Armchair 966