A checkered Easter

Svenskt Tenn Easter 2021

Svenskt Tenn celebrates this year’s Easter with checkered patterns, warm tones, lustful arrangements and hand blown glass ornaments. Spring’s most celebrated holiday presents a new collection designed by artist Evelina Kroon, where the colour palette from Josef Frank’s iconic print Under Ekvatorn has been transformed into a contemporary and colourful series that complements Svenskt Tenn’s Easter collection.

“I love crafts in every form and am fascinated by the meeting between different colours, materials and compositions. The checkered pattern is a recurring theme in my artistry, but I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me: in nature, in everyday life, in contemporary and historical art.”

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Easter Blooms

Celebrate the arrival of Easter and spring with vibrant compositions of seasonal flowers, such as hyacinths, tulips and daffodils. Let the base of the bouquet absorb and reflect the colours of the table textiles, and add contrasting elements for an exuberant mix of spring blooms. Combine clear glass with solid materials and let your arrangements take place in a variety of vases and pots in traditional Easter colours, such as Erika Pekkari’s plant pot in yellow, or Josef Frank’s Hortus pot and Ann Wåhlström’s Iris vase in golden amber.

Pots and Vases
Svenskt Tenn Easter 2021

To combine different patterns, colours and materials in a timeless manner was Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson’s trademark. For the annual holidays, she loved to arrange a beautifully set table with warm colours and lustful flower compositions. This year, Svenskt Tenn is setting the Easter table in the spirit of Estrid Ericson, with vibrant patterns, colourful decorations and lush spring blooms.

A new arrival this Easter is Rooster in brass, designed by Josef Frank in 1941. The rooster was originally drawn as a wind vane to adorn Estrid Ericson’s summer house Tolvekarna, after which it served as a model for a small rooster to be used as a table decoration.

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The print Under Ekvatorn was designed by Josef Frank in September 1941, just before he moved to New York. The print is defined by a vibrant mix of fantasy flowers and demonstrates the finely-tuned balance between dreams and reality that is distinguishing for Josef Frank’s designs. Under Ekvatorn also acted as inspiration for this year’s Easter collection, where artist Evelina Kroon uses the same colour palette to create a contemporary product series that harmonizes with Josef Frank’s classic print.

Under Ekvatorn Placemat