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Svenskt Tenn's Easter decorations

Svenskt Tenn welcomes spring with a whimsical mix of colours and prints. The classic stoneware plant pot designed by Erika Pekkari, is launched it time for Easter in a new, yellow colour.

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The patterned glass eggs in this year's Easter collection are available in several different sizes, all hand-painted by the artist and illustrator Siri Carlén.

Siri is constantly drawing. She describes herself as almost obsessed with colour, inspired by nature and folklore. Now, for Easter 2020, she has created her very first designs for Svenskt Tenn.

“My work is about pleasure. Curiosity and inspiration is what drives me. I marvel at the tension between the mundane and the imagination, everyday items and the decorative, the realistic and the naivistic. I work intuitively. The path between thought and action must be short.”

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Easter table setting Svenskt Tenn

For this year’s Easter table setting, Svenskt Tenn has combined classic items with plates from Ann Demeulemeester’s Dé collection. Dé depicts the play of light and shadow that is so characteristic of fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester’s style. The plates, cups and bowls are hand painted with many layers, with different gradients of black and red.

Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester's eponymous fashion brand is regarded as one of the world's most influential. Over the years, she has distinguished herself with a highly unique and recognizable style, inspired by her muse Patti Smith. In 2014, Ann Demeulemeester left the fashion world, moved out into the country and began studying old-fashioned techniques to sculpt porcelain and mix glazes.

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Green and yellow. A timeless combination. The flowering Mimosa that adorns the table creates a beautiful whole together with Svenskt Tenn’s block printed cotton placemats and napkins.

The patterned textile is printed by hand by a small, family-owned company in Jaipur, India. The printing block is cut out of a timber and then dipped in dye and pressed against the fabric like a stamp. Block printing is an art form; a method of production which requires enormous precision and craftsmanship.

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