Svenskt Tenns Dining Room

An inviting dining room

Pleasant shades of blue, warm touches of wood and distinctive decorations in green and orange. That’s how Svenskt Tenn’s dining room looks in the autumn – beautiful, classic and inviting.

Josef Frank designed the elegant Armchair 1165 in 1946, upon his return to Stockholm after living in New York. The chair, with its lattice back in rattan, gives an impression of lightness.

Chair 1165

Autumn light is beautifully reflected in Josef Frank’s Vase 7, designed in 1957 in protest to the many swan-necked vases that were stylish at the time. The vase is blown in a wooden mould and is made today at Skruf’s Glassworks in Småland. Together with decorative details in pewter, candleholders in plexiglass, and Daniel Carlsten’s uniquely designed tray, the dining table comes together impeccably.

Daniel Carlsten began collecting playing cards as a boy. He practised magic tricks in front of the mirror and dreamed about life as a magician. These days, Carlsten performs magic with his designs. When he happened to stumble over his old childhood box of playing cards, he suddenly saw the cards in a new light. He was especially intrigued by the ace of spades, which according to Carlsten is the most beautiful card in the deck with its links to history, interesting symbolism and its various aesthetics.

Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson designed the “Plexi” candleholder sometime during the 1940s-1950s. It was illustrated in brass and glass in the original drawings but was changed to pewter and plexiglass prior to being produced.

Candle Holder Plexi