Botany Plant Pots Vases Svenskt Tenn Christmas 2020

Botany inspiration for Christmas

Red, green and gleaming amber tones add colour to this year’s Christmas botany at Svenskt Tenn. Erika Pekkari’s classic plant pots, Josef Frank's jardiniere and Hortus pot are traditionally available in red only during Christmas. This year, both the Hortus pot and Ann Wåhlström's Iris vase collection have been launched in a new, shiny amber colour, which beautifully accompanies all flower arrangements for the holiday. Discover your favourite among the season's range of vases and pots in different colours, materials, shapes and sizes.

Vases & Pots

Stoneware, brass, pewter and glass. Svenskt Tenn's range includes vases and pots in many different materials. The glass vases in the range are manufactured either at Reijmyre glassworks in Östergötland, or at Skruf's glassworks in Småland, while Erika Pekkari's pots are made at the Lidköping’s Porcelain Factory. It takes about two weeks to make one pot, and all eight employees in the factory participate in different steps in the process.

When the designer Erika Pekkari created the plant pots for Svenskt Tenn, botany was part of the inspiration, as was the human need to arrange items – to cultivate and develop surroundings with vegetation.

“Botany is fantastic, both the graphic and historical part of it, Linnaeus Flora, the name of different species and the vegetation itself. To sow a seed, plant, wait and see something grow – sensuality is part of the whole process. It is living matter that is constantly changing, broken down and recreated again. The vegetation is permissive and poetic, and the plant pots were designed as a concentrated of these aspects.”

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