Svenskt Tenn's Christmas dining room

Christmas at Svenskt Tenn

Soft lighting, golden touches and imaginative prints in muted colours – Christmas has come to Svenskt Tenn and the holiday mood can be felt in every room. The dining room is adorned with curtains in Josef Frank’s Vegetable Tree print, a motif with flowers and fruits created to awaken a sense of wonderment.

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A Peruvian pottery piece from the late Chimu era at the Ethnographic Museum’s collection gave Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson the inspiration for the large, rounded pewter vase, Peruvian Urn, which has been a part of Svenskt Tenn’s range since the 1920s. The classic pewter is beautiful against the dark coloured wall, as are the green glass plates, candleholder Kronan på Verket and Önsketrädet (The Wishing Tree) in brass.

Carina Seth Andersson and Jakob Solgren were inspired by Estrid Ericson’s classic decorative tree when they created the Wishing Tree for Christmas 2016. The timeless tree will live on for many Christmases to come, together with the pendants that are sold separately. A wish can come true with every little pendant that is place on the tree. The tree can be used as is, or be placed in Svenskt Tenn’s Hortus pot. The brass wire wrapping makes each tree unique.

Önsketrädet (The Wishing Tree)
Svenskt Tenn's Christmas table setting

Table settings are often in focus at Svenskt Tenn Christmases. It has been that way ever since Estrid Ericson’s time, when she decorated tables in the store for the year’s main holidays. Estrid Ericson grew up in a family of hoteliers and so perhaps it was natural that she developed the art of table setting after that. In 1933 she held a bigger exhibition in the store on Strandvägen 5, titled “Table be Set,” where she exhibited tables arranged in different styles. She put extra emphasis on table settings at holiday time and that tradition has continued at Svenskt Tenn ever since.

For Christmas 2018, the dining room table is decorated with Josef Frank’s Aristidia print, inspired by seaweed and starfish in the sea off Falsterbo, Sweden. The flower arrangements have the same tones as the tablecloth, while Svenskt Tenn’s deep green napkins and glass bowls provide contrast. Estrid Ericson got her inspiration for this bowl from the so-called Chinese Peking glass, which she most likely discovered at Stockholm’s Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities. Shades of green return in the classic Myrten (Myrtle) porcelain by Signe Persson-Melin.

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Detail from Svenskt Tenn's Christmas table setting

Atmospheric living room

Christmas in the living room is complete with enchanting decorations in timeless pewter, deep red glass and classic brass. Pillows in warm colours give the interior a cosy feeling and beautiful vases bear the season’s floral arrangements.

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Svenskt Tenn's living room

Hand-embroidered ornaments in red, green and golden tones hang on the tree. There are Christmas balls in glass and decorations in sparkling brass. Keep the tree traditional, but do add a new advent candleholder to the Christmas interior.

Jakob Solgren’s four candlesticks in different heights are shaped like tree branches and cast in pewter. The idea for the branches came to Jakob completely intuitively. It was a course in ornamental technique at Stockholm’s University College of Arts, Crafts and Design that gave him the impetus to produce a ceramic tree branch and, since then, the cut branch has become one of his visual trademarks. He created his first collection for Svenskt Tenn in 2011 with inspiration coming from nature and the four seasons.

Candle Holder Branch