Christmas living room inspiration


Art and paintings adorn the walls and the Christmas tree is full of colourful fruit. An atmospheric living room is best created like this, with a mix of old, new, assorted, personal and timeless items.

Candlesticks are part of Christmas, and the golden brass surfaces can be combined endlessly. On Cabinet 2170 stands Svenskt Tenn's classic angel and Slingan (the loop) designed by Josef Frank. He wanted this candle holder to create a wave effect, and he achieved this by cleverly bending the material and placing the candles on top. The design has an exciting, organic form, almost reminiscent of a flowering vine.

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The living room interior has a yellow and orange colour palette, detectable on furniture and frames as well as textiles and accessories.

Margit Thorén designed the Vägen furniture fabric together with Svenskt Tenn’s founder Estrid Ericson in 1949. Three linen threads in different shades give it a beautiful luster and a diagonal weave of twined linen in a cotton warp makes it very sturdy.

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Living room inspiration by Svenskt Tenn

With the fruit glass baubles, the Christmas tree can be transformed into a Tree of Knowledge and thus create its own paradise during Christmas. All of the bauble fruits are present in the actual Hubris Tree pattern, and the whole collection is created by designer Sam Wilde.

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