Svenskt Tenn's easter table setting

Easter table setting

As Easter is approaching, Svenskt Tenn turns the traditional table into a festive gathering with classic textile patterns, mouth-blown glass, elegant cutlery and delicate glass decorations.

Workplace_CTA - Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn's


It’s time to prepare the study and library for the upcoming months. A reading nook creates a space for catching one’s breath and reflection, and a lot can be achieved with means either big or small. 

Living room Large CTA - Svenskt Tenn

Decorate with

Spring feeling

It’s finally time to start preparing both home and holiday house for the approaching flourishing season. Find inspiration for new and exciting interiors that exude both warmth and spring. 

Svenskt Tenn's Outdoor room

Time for

The outdoor room

Decorate your outdoor room in the spirit of Estrid Ericson, with light materials like wood, bamboo and rattan. Decorate with vases, flowers, cushions and textiles in different colours. Not everything has to be perfectly planned – arrange interiors that can be changed over time.

Svenskt Tenn's dining room


Dining room

Gather family and friends at the dinner table. Take the opportunity to renew the dining room for the coming season with inspiring interiors from Svenskt Tenn.