Svenskt Tenn's Living Room

Living Room

Create a beautiful interior in the warm colour scale of the season, by combining solid upholstery fabric with pillows, rugs and curtains in striking print combinations.

Inviting Dining Room

Pleasant shades of blue, warm touches of wood and distinctive decorations in green and orange. That’s how Svenskt Tenn’s dining room looks in the autumn – beautiful, classic and inviting.

Svenskt Tenn's autumn table setting

The art of

Table setting

Svenskt Tenn's current product range for the dinner table is a mix of contemporary glass and porcelain and older design that was used even in Estrid Ericson's time. 


Reading nook

Autumn is a season that brings with it a desire for change and renewal, and there are many tricks on hand for inspiration. Soft cushions and carpets creates a cosy impression and provide warmth in preparation for the colder season.