Beautiful Vases

The important thing is to choose a grand vase for grand bouquets and a small vase for delicate flowers, thought Estrid Ericson.


“A window shouldn’t turn into a dark hole at night. Curtains diffuse the light, soften up the darkness and moderate the heat of the sun.”

- Estrid Ericson -

Festive table

in pale colours

Svenskt Tenn's own linen fabric is the basis for this decorative and festive table setting, with a colour palette in light aqua and sober pink.

Red-green living room

Svenskt Tenn brings autumn into the living room with large patterned fabrics and colourful contrasts.

Table Setting

The founder of Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Ericson, was an eclectic. Over the years she became increasingly original, especially in the art of laying a table.

Expressive Dining Room

The late summer and autumn are colourful at Svenskt Tenn. Light tones and soft details are replaced by vibrant hues, strong accessories and graphic patterns.

Rich in detail

Creative Library

Let the library be lovely, creative and rich in detail. With a warm colour scheme and personal effects, it’s easy to create a room that exudes both calm and inspiration.