Thee more knowledge one has, the easier it becomes to discuss complex relationships. There are many questions in these sustainability- conscious times, and this document has been developed to answer some of them.

Selling high quality, handmade objects requires a great deal of skill. Svenskt Tenn helps keep Swedish craftsmanship alive and thereby also creates work in Sweden. The company’s surplus goes to the Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation for research, which also contributes to the development of society, and our products today are already quite sustainable in many ways. All of this is something we can naturally be proud of. But Svenskt Tenn can always be better when it comes to sustainability issues and increasing our knowledge is an important part of that work.

Svenskt Tenn’s business concept is based on a long-term approach. We delve into the manufacturing processes in the same way as we get to the bottom of the design processes for our products. It is the lifecycle perspective of every product that in the end will determine how sustainable we are.

Sustainability work is a continuous process and this document is an assessment of the current situation. It serves as a source of information to help the people working at Svenskt Tenn as well as our suppliers and customers on the road to sustainability.