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Light up the Autumn Gloom

Timelessly designed lamps with beautifully printed, colourful lampshades.

Vase Dagg Black

Carina Seth Andersson

Black Vase

The black Dagg (dew) vase was added to Svenskt Tenn's range in the fall of 2017. It is blown in a graphite mold at Skruf Glassworks in Småland, and the specific form combined with the solid, dark colur, requires enormous precision from the glassblower.

In focus

Estrid Ericson

”We should never forget that we should have as much freedom in our homes that we don’t need to refrain from having an item simply because it could jeopardize our formal aesthetics. It is not a specifically constructed colour harmony that gives a home its personal touch, but rather all of the objects that one accumulates in a life – all of those things that you once liked and that you like now.”