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Summer Reading Svenskt Tenn

Summer Reading

Svenskt Tenn has everything you need for a pleasant reading corner to pass the days of summer.

Svenskt Tenn's store on Strandvägen

Ninety years on Strandvägen

In 1924, Estrid Ericson founded Firma Svenskt Tenn on Smålandsgatan in Stockholm. Two years later, the store moved to new, larger premises at Strandvägen 5, where Svenskt Tenn has now has been housed for 90 years. Since 1975, the company has been owned by a foundation and all profits from our sales go to research, education and culture in Sweden.

Svenskt Tenn's history
Svenskt Tenn's summer table setting


Table Setting

This summer, the table is set informally with fanciful designs, floral textiles, pastels and a variety of glass and porcelain. Discover inspiration for all table settings of the summer season. 

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