Sofa 678 180 cm

This compact sofa was designed by Josef Frank in the mid-1930s. In contrast to Frank’s slender cabinets and chairs, his sofas have a comfy weight and solidity. Elaborate upholstery and a double-spring system ensure maximum comfort.

Sofa 678 is here shown with textile brown Hawaii.

Item no. MA10044
37,000 SEK

Product description
Sofa 678 180 cm

Price excluding fabric
Design: Josef Frank
Material: Other
Height: 78 cm
Length: 180 cm
Depth: 84 cm
Seat height: 43 cm
Textile consumption 130 cm: 8,8 m
Textile consumption 150 cm: 7,9 m
Textile consumtption patterned: 9,6 m
Wooden frame. Core of handplaited coil springs on a no-sag spring base, stuffed with foam rubber/polyether and synthetic batting. Cushions of synthetic fibre/feathers in downproof cases with removable fabric covers. Armrest covers included.

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