25 October 2011

Svenskt Tenn reopens in Stockholm

Working with British architectural firm HMKM, Svenskt Tenn has modernized its store at Strandvägen in Stockholm. Set for reopening on October 25, the store now houses an elegant tea room where founder Estrid Ericson’s office is highlighted in a permanent exhibit. There is also an exclusive new showroom for pewter objects and accessories.

’’Not only has our store became much larger, allowing us to show more furnished interiors, the new architecture also highlights our heritage more clearly’’, said Thommy Bindefeld, Marketing Manager at Svenskt Tenn.
Previously, only the ground floor was used for product display. Differences in floor level and a multitude of walls made it difficult for customers to get an overview. Now, strategically placed glass displays open up and tie together the different parts of the premises.

The textile department has moved upstairs, where Svenskt Tenn’s interior designers also have their studio. The upper level also houses the tea room and Estrid Ericson’s original office, preserved just the way she left it.

In the new showroom, inspired by the original store, pewter objects and jewelry are on display in specially made stands of walnut and leather. A beautiful pewter and brass ceiling, just like the one that existed when the store opened 1927, has been recreated here.

For further information, please contact:
Lisa Wikfeldt, Press Contact: +468-670 16 04 or lisa.wikfeldt@svenskttenn.se
Thommy Bindefeld, Marketing Director: +46 8 670 16 02 or thommy.bindefeld@svenskttenn.se