08 February 2011

Monica Förster och Björn Kusoffsky

For the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Monica Förster and Björn Kusoffsky have been invited to make their personal interpretation of Svenskt Tenn. Using the pattern Marble 4420 by Josef Frank as a starting point, they have applied it to a series of products and used it in a video installation. Svenskt Tenn concurrently reintroduces the Marble textile theme, printed on velvet.

The Marble 4420 pattern, which is radically different from the typical Frank flowery patterns, is said to have been sketched when Josef Frank had encountered the art of Jackson Pollock, during this stay in New York in the 1940s. Designer Monica Förster and creative director Björn Kusoffsky have been inspired by the pattern to create a 3D installation with handmade artifacts and a film which explores the depths of Josef Frank’s world of patterns.

”This collaboration lets us experience how two of the most fascinating designers of our time combines today’s technology and creativity, making Josef Frank’s patterns come to life,” says Thommy Bindefeld, Marketing Manager at Svenskt Tenn.”The choice of film as a medium followed quite naturally from the fact that Svenskt Tenn now has a temporary location in a former cinema house.”

In addition to the objects included in the exhibition, Monica Förster and Björn Kusoffsky have also created a tray and a flower table for Svenskt Tenn. These are offered in limited editions, priced at SEK 650 and 4.500 respectively. The exhibition is open from February 8 through February 27 at Svenskt Tenn’s temporary store c/o Astoria at Nybrogatan 15, where Svenskt Tenn will be based until September, while the Strandvägen store is being redesigned and expanded.

Installation, graphics, film and objects by Björn Kusoffsky, Lisa Fleck/Stockholm Design Lab
and Monica Förster, Joel Hesselgren, Chia-Wei Lin, Anne-Cecile Pally/Monica Förster Design Studio

Motion graphic designer Mika Pollack
Music by Nina Kinnert
Remix by Mika Pollack 
Woodwork by Sabine Renner
Couture by Sofia Norbeck

For further information, please contact:
Lisa Wikfeldt, Press contact: +468-670 16 04 or lisa.wikfeldt@svenskttenn.se
Thommy Bindefeld, Marketing Manager: +46 8 670 16 02 or thommy.bindefeld@svenskttenn.se