Estrid Ericson

In 1934, Estrid Ericson turned over a new leaf in Swedish design history when she offered Josef Frank a safe haven in which to live and work. The Austrian architect and designer and the Swedish store owner quickly became an unbeatable duo.

Although, it was Josef Frank who designed the furniture and textiles, it was Estrid Ericson’s eye for detail that gained the company its notoriety. Together they transformed the sober and rigid functionalism into something tranquil and welcoming. Their version of functionalism was “unSwedish” and sophisticated. It included patterns, colours and objects that were simple yet elegant.

The many faces of beauty
Estrid Ericson started her career as an art teacher and pewter artist. But perhaps what distinguished her most during her 56 years as managing director for Svenskt Tenn was her talent as a producer and set designer. Although she did not have an explicit aesthetic programme, she did have a creative person’s sensitivity to the many faces of beauty. For Estrid Ericson, the good life was not just about luxury and exclusivity but it was also reflective and refined in the literal sense of the term. Fearlessly, she mixed high and low with old and new. She collected stones and shells, mixed plastic flowers with real flowers and loved to visit flea markets.
“The purity of the room and the richness of detail,” preached Estrid Ericson, who was quick to embrace Joseph Frank’s ideas on white walls, light and mobile furniture, tables, and appropriate lighting without ceiling fixtures. But she also added her own personality to the mix.

Courage and consequence
It must have required tremendous courage for a 30-year-old woman to start a company in Sweden in the 1920s. Courage was a characteristic that would distinguish Estrid Ericson throughout her lifetime. She started her company with passion and stuck to her ideals even in times of aversion.

Craftmanship and Quality

We are proud of the high quality that we can offer our costumers through genuine craftmanship.
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